Thursday, August 31, 2006

There is a Van Morrison song for many places in Ireland and N. Ireland

Reserved my first night (Monday, Sept 4--Labor Day) in the Ennis Abbey Hostel. Looks nice from the pictures. They have private rooms with several beds (and charge by the bed), but I will be staying in a dorm-type room with 5 beds. Maybe later I will stay in a private room or "splurge" on a B&B, but part of the point of staying in a hostel is to meet people.

I am flying into Shannon, in the west of Ireland. Ennis is just a short ways from there. I don't think I know any Van Morrison songs about Shannon or Ennis. I'm sure many songs will be floating through my head while I am there, though. When I was in California in July I could think of a song for many of the places we passed or visited. For my roommates, there is a movie quote for everything. For me, there is a song.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Miscellaneous Preparations

  • Photocopy itinerary and passport for roommates (the passport is in case I'm kidnapped by a cute Irish lad and they need to involve the U.S. Embassy)
  • Arrange rendezvous with friends and friends of friends
  • Snuggle cat to soothe guilt over leaving her
  • Memorize words of travel guru, Rick Steves
  • Browse web for information on Irish wildlife
  • Plan trip/reconcile self to the relationship between procrastination and spontaneity

Monday, August 28, 2006

My words, with mustard please

It is possible, and even likely, that I said I would never "blog." Maybe there were no witnesses...but I doubt it. However, this seems as good a way as any to communicate to friends and family (and errant internet browsers) while I am on vacation.