Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Night Off

Ventured out into the windy, rainy night for open mic/salon at Bai Pai. Enjoyed music, poetry, friendship, food, drink, warmth and atmosphere.

At the end of the night, I gave my email address to someone. She said, "usually it's me pressing my information into someone else's hand. It's nice to have a night off."

I know what she means.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Approximate Itinerary

Here is my rough itinerary:

Mon Mar 5 - arrive Prague . Sleep in Prague.
Tues Mar 6 - Prague. Sleep in Prague.
Wed Mar 7 - Prague. Sleep in Prague.
Thurs Mar 8 - Prague. Night train to Krakow.
Fri Mar 9 - Krakow. Sleep in Krakow.
Sat Mar 10 - Oswiecim. Night train to Budapest.
Sun Mar 11 - Budapest. Sleep in Budapest.
Mon Mar 12 - Budapest. Sleep in Budapest.
Tues Mar 13 - Budapest/Vienna. Sleep in Vienna.
Wed Mar 14 - Vienna. Sleep in Vienna.
Thurs Mar 15 - Vienna/Prague. Sleep in Prague.
Fri Mar 16 - leave Prague.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Travel Philosophy

Over Sunday dinner I was mocked by another diner for my desire to plan my trips. She claimed that this kind of planning does not allow for spontaneity. I disagree. It is precisely the planning that allows me to be comfortable, informed, and open to serendipity.

Here is an excerpt from Rick Steves' website:
Traveler 'A' takes off to Europe as a free spirit, without much planning, no real itinerary...and returns home with a backpack full of complaints about how expensive and stressful it all was. Traveler 'B' prepares for weeks as though her trip were some kind of final exam, mapping out a detailed day-to-day plan...and returns home with rich stories of spontaneous European adventures. It's the classic paradox of good travel: structure rewards a traveler with freedom, and "winging it" becomes a ball-and-chain of too many decisions, too
little information...and precious little time to relax.

Gas Station conversation, 1 AM

-How are you doing?
-Fine. Tired. How are you?
-Tired. Did you just get off work?
-No. But I have to work early in the morning.
-Couldn't let go of your boyfriend, huh? ...Sometimes it be like that...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How are you, my friends in Columbus, Ohio?

Cat walking in the snow in Columbus, Ohio

Currently in Seattle/Redmond it is 46 degrees and rainy.