Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Night Off

Ventured out into the windy, rainy night for open mic/salon at Bai Pai. Enjoyed music, poetry, friendship, food, drink, warmth and atmosphere.

At the end of the night, I gave my email address to someone. She said, "usually it's me pressing my information into someone else's hand. It's nice to have a night off."

I know what she means.

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Geoffrey said...

Do you remember the love boat? At the beginning of every episode the ship would pull away from port teaming with celebration, streamers flying and confetti fluttering down in a rainbow snowstorm of bon voyage! In Priya's case, the best we can hope for is an actual snowstorm that may tend to keep her flight grounded long enough for her to realize that the real vacation is here at home with all of us. Happy travels, worldly poet! Think of us, your friends and loved ones as you drift off into that neck crampening half-slumber that can only be induced by the gentle banking of a seven/thirty-seven.