Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bum Failure

No, I am not referring to gluteus maximus muscles giving out (although with each birthday I grow less surprised over what gives out. But I digress...)

I am referring to my general inability to do nothing in a vacuum of structure. I tend not to do well when unemployed. But, folks, I am coming into my own. Okay, okay, I admit I have many appointments and activities, I am a gym junkie, list-maker, and overachieving underachiever. But I am relaxing into the not-knowing a bit, practicing zen juggling in a material world. I do have to eat. And I like having a roof over my head. Obviously, I can't just give up. I cast my line out, but since I can't make the fish bite (wait a minute...what happened to the juggling metaphor?) I am enjoying myself, meeting friends for lunch, writing, napping, singing, allowing myself to be frivolous (obviously, since I'm blogging again).


PRAEst76 said...

There is a popular British sitcom that you may have heard of called The Royale Family. It documents the day to day life of a family of useless couch potatoes. I've never understood it's popularity as, despite it being a fairly accurate representation of how many people in the UK chose to live their lives; glued to the TV, the only variation being found in their trips to the toilet, bed or the local chip shop and/or Off-License, I find it incredibly depressing.

I don't understand how people live like that. Deprived of healthy structure for a short time I start to deteriorate, mentally and physically. I become and anxious, frustrated mess and eventually begin to dip into those bad areas of existentialist philosophy.

It's bizarre feeling both contempt and jealousy for the average moronic life-log unemployable slob. It's like those times when I wish I was a house-cat. They have such wonderful lives...

Sven Golly said...

What concerns me is: I understand "gym junkie, list-maker, and overachieving underachiever," whatever that means. If blogging is frivolous, be SERIOUSLY frivolous.