Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Squirrel Man is on Prowl

He walks the streets outside my window, dressed in black, carrying a bag. Today he carries an umbrella. He is always dressed in black. The amount of time he spends varies, but today he keeps reappearing, summoning his disciples.

The first time I saw him wandering, looking back and forth, I called out the window to him:
Are you lost?
No, I'm looking for squirrels.

He feeds pigeons and crows, too. Sparrows are hangers-on. But I always think of him as Squirrel Man. I wonder what his life is like.

Once I saw him on the roof of a brick building a block away, surrounded by a spray of pigeons. Usually, though, I see him on the street outside my window.

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Mary said...

Priya, This is wonderful, I hope it is included in some of the stuff you read. I love it! Mary