Thursday, January 11, 2007

Seattle Snow Nocturne

2:00 invested in future adventures (Prague)
4:30 hail rattled the roof
5:00 snow accumulated; evening plans shifted
5:20 vanpoolers gathered in the lobby
5:40 parking lot traffic jam
left bags; walked toward dinner
listened to our feet; smiled and squinted at the sky
snowballs, laughter, breath
greetings, green tea, shed layers
conversation, companionship
tofu rolls in spicy tomato sauce
sharing, insults, awkwardness
bundled again
revisted adolesence, more snowball fights
put chains on van
hit the road
ah, heat
loud noise, vibration
arguments over how fast was safe in chains
backseat driving, laughter
I-5 south, Swift-Albro
deafening noise
van on shoulder
blown tire? no
foggy van windows; what's going on?
metal bent to almost touching tire
State Trooper!
removed chains
close to home; gunna make it?
horrible grinding noise
leeaanned to the left
made it to the van's spot
call if you need to, scraped cars, loaned scraper
traffic on Rainier South
Smoky Robinson sang in the car
cars blocking Renton Avenue
Honda Civic passed them in the left lane
called Mom: you can stop worrying, now


Sven Golly said...

A harrowing night's journey, punctuated by little pleasures. Everybody okay?

Unduly Amplified said...

Everyone is fine. Actually, it ended up being more a fun adventure than harrowing, since nothing really bad happened...the van bonded.