Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Comfort

Jane Kenyon's poems on despair
tom kha tofu, spicy and steaming
Mary Oliver's poems of joy
bare purple branches of a bush
afternoon naps
"Antilamentation" by Dorianne Laux
Motown music
one red cardinal
yes when no was expected
strange strains of lilting Finnish music
misty rain
Ani DiFranco
snuggling my cat
I'd be lying if I didn't say chocolate
and whiskey
dancing alone in an empty house
singing in the car
a Democratic Senate and House of Representatives
shocking drama of Northwestern light

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Anonymous said...

Twenty Wintry Activities to Remind Me of the soul of summer (In No Specific Order)

1) Take a weekly Al Bundy vacation and watch Endless Summer or equivalent film
2) Go outside every day regardless of the weather or bitterness of the cold
3) Go to a tanning salon get some artificial sun
4) Go someplace where the gender of your fancy is scantily clad
5) Watch or re-watch your favorite dumb films
6) Don’t isolate yourself. Spend as much time as possible with others
7) Play board games like scrabble or chess. Scrabble will give you the opportunity to get silly especially when trying to play non-words. Silliness takes the edge off.
8) Take long walks
9) Take a stroll through a graveyard (Seek out Bruce Lee’s final resting place)
10) Take walks through neighborhoods and take note of what people are viewing on TV.
11) Go dancing or learn to couples dance. Human touch and contact goes a long ways especially if you’re single. If you not touching someone other than your partner helps take the edge (I’m told).
12) (For city dwellers) go to a different coffee or teahouse every week.
13) Take a bus adventure to someplace you’ve never been or never had a reason to go to.
14) Make up text word games and send them to all in your cell phone book. I quote lines or scenes from stupid movies and ask friends to name that movie.
15) Don’t short yourself (too much) on sleep.
16) Eat foods and fruits that come from summery or tropical places.
17) Go see (free) live music or other forms of entertainment
18) Talk to people on the bus or waiting for one.
19) Annoy your friends and family with melodramatic complaints. Make them feel sorry for you or pull them into your depression. Then take a step out and laugh at how silly they sound.
20) Try to find beauty in the moment regardless of how many layers of dark you’ve endured when the sun should be high in the sky or find that something wondrous even when the rain is giving it to you in sideways sheets penetrating the pores of your rubberized coat.