Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Arg! Blogger is in German. Don't want to bother trying to figure out how to change it. Internet not cheap heir. Ich habe less time in Wein than I wanted. \nothing went as I had planned on Tuesday, so I left Budapest much later than I meant to. Got to see Statue Park, with a collection of communist statues no one wanted anymore after they got rid of the Soviet government. It was an adventure/ordeal getting there on public transportation.

Tommorow I take the train back to Prague and Friday morning I fly home. David is going to meet me in Vienna, we think. I don't have any pictures of Vienna yet, but I will upload some later. When I get home I will most likely upload all my pictures and go back and update my entries. Right now I am too busy! If you didn't notice, though, I have uploaded some more pictures to Flickr. Click on the logo in the sidebar to view them. Miss you guys, but I am having a good time! Man, do my feet hurt at the end of every day! Finally got caught up on sleep last night, though.
Nein, Mutter, I did not post at 2 am- that is what time it was Pacific Standard time.


Anonymous said...

Girl, you posted this at 2:29 am!?! And got some good sleep - good!
Was wondering why no updates from you in past couple of days - but then again, it's a wonder how often you do get to post, given the unknowns of travelling around unfamilier lands in such an abbreviated time. Enjoyed the pix tho - that Flicker is a wonder.
Miss you too -
luv, gupgod

Leonard T.W.P. said...

aarg. I can't get into my e-mail account for some reason, but I've been periodically wondering what part of the world you've been hovering over all day, and hoping that the penzion let you in last night and that getting to the airport wasn't hectic.

I hope that Europe lived up to expectations. Though my miriad eyes are moistened today, your visit warmed my starchy heart so that, had I been wrapped in foil, I would have become thoroughly mushy. You provided this tuber with more fun than it's had for years.