Saturday, September 09, 2006


Though I didn't want to do a big-bus tour, it seemed to be the most reliable way to see Connemara, another area not well served by buses. And, as a woman from Portland and I had talked about in Ennis, I am glad now that I'm not driving. Maybe next time, if I travel with someone.
Kylemore Abbey and the adjacent neo-gothic church.

Talked to some Americans and Italians on the bus. Met Richie, from outside Dublin. Richie taught me a little Irish.

The bus passed a peat fire and many heaps of peat logs (called "turf" in Ireland). Connemara is an area of bogs, and so not much farming can be done on the land. There is livestock, though, and apparently, Connemara ponies are showed professionally and sold to other countries. Saw Irish nomads, formerly called tinkers.

The shadows of clouds on the mountains are like spots on a dairy cow.

Stopped at Killary Harbor, Ireland's only fjord, a long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea created by a glacier.

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