Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Ate Thai food--man, have I missed Thai food! Had a big plate of veggies, which I've been craving for days! Getting a little tired of pub grub.

Walked to Charles Fort on a road/path they call the Scilly Walk...well, you can imagine the joke I wanted to make, but kid at the TI (tourist information centre) had never seen Monty Python, so it would have been lost on him. No, I didn't do the Silly Walk on the Scilly Walk, as there would have been no one there to laugh but me (and I notice I am already prone to talking to myself on long walks on country roads), and, more importantly, I needed to conserve my energy for another long day on my feet. Silly Walks are not very energy-efficient.

As we say in the textbook industry...TK


Sven Golly said...

There was a refreshing moment you would have appreciated in this morning's corporate "town hall meeting" when the company president saluted Monty Python in response to a glitch in the audio system that produced a bird-like chirp every time he pronounced the new name of the (merged) company...quite funny, completely absurd, and it gives me hope that we are indeed led by humans.

Unduly Amplified said...

Thanks, that made me laugh! I can appreciate the relief that comes from believing we are being led by humans...