Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On the ground & showered, part 2

I'm home. It's good to be home, to see friends and family again, to sleep in my own bed, snuggle my cat. It's good not to be a woman in a suitcase anymore, and to use sinks with married faucets. But I had a grand time and was sad to leave. Hopefully, I will be back again soon.


Donncha said...

Hey! It was great meeting you in Dingle! Glad you had a good time, email you soon.


Leonard the etc. said...

Hi- welcome back. You should be pretty well de-lagged by now and maybe the enormity of your trip's sinking in. Flying west isn't as nice as flying east, is it? On the upside, at least you're not struggling to keep your eyes open at 8 a.m. when you get on the ground.
I hope that the whole trip was satisfying. Having a blog is a good idea for travelling- why wait till you're home to tell people about it?- and it was interesting and, darn it, exciting for me when you not only went to places I'd been to, but spent some quality time seeing them. It sounds corny, but there's a bond between people when somebody's been to a far away place which you've been to, too. I don't want to be overbearing about it, but I think that travelling is the biggest thing a person can do. In an age where almost every other human activity has become mundane, it's practically the only adventure left. And you did it. Hope you get a chance to do it again.