Saturday, September 09, 2006

More Burren

The Burren means "rocky place"; it is a unique geological area, a lunar landscape. Arctic and Mediterranean flowers bloom side by side here.

You can click on the pictures to see a larger image...

These rock walls are made without mortar. You can hear the wind whistle through them...

After the tour, I made my way to the bus station and said a silent goodbye to Ennis. I felt strangely strong, adjusted to a temporary life of travel in 1 day.

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The Irrelevant Elephant said...

Ok, I figured out how to post and now I'm going overboard.
Yeah, the fauna, such as the palm trees, were a little startling to find in Ireland. When I was on the north coast, somebody pointed down the cliff and said that there was a creature in the water, either an otter-type thing or a dolphin. With my zoom lense (ok, my camera's zoom lense) I was that it was indeed a dolphin, which for some reason I don't associate with the north coast of Ireland. Sheep? yes, on the land parts of Ireland, but not dolphins in the water part.