Sunday, September 10, 2006

Letterkenny on Sunday

Letterkenny has been kind of a bust, but it has been a chance for some down time. Some advice my guidebook gives is: assume you will return to the country. I think it is good advice. There are definitely some advantages and disadvantages to taking the bus. Considered hitching to Glenveagh (pron. Glenvee) National Park, but I am never eager to hitch and I think the timing is just off, anyway. So today I will catch the bus to Derry/Londonderry, in Northern Ireland. Will have to change my money to pounds.

I've been noticing some patterns as I travel. I think I tend to feel more unease upon arriving at a new place; after a few hours or a day I feel increased strength and independence. Not that I think independence is the only way to go--I've gotten very good at asking for directions. Have received help from many strangers. I've become quite gregarious (nothing from the peanut gallery, please). ; )

In stores and pubs everywhere people ask me, "Ya'lright?" At first I was slightly taken aback ("yes, I'm alright. Don't I look alright?), but then I quickly realized it was a way of asking "may I help you?" Now I notice it everwhere. People also say "thanks very much" and "grand." And they ask, "is that alright?" even when there is nothing to do if it isn't alright, i.e., in telling the open/closed hours of the establishment. Shopping in a grocery store is quite fun. I remember this being the case in London, too. There are strange combinations of food (chicken and sweetcorn sandwich) and funny names for things. Over an aisle in Dunne's hangs a sign reading "Nappies" (diapers)! And the candy bars are different. So, of course, I have been sampling so I can report back to you all. I do it for you. Sigh, the sacrifice.


Angela said...

It is GREAT to finally hear from you, and so MUCH!
I don't suppose this will endear you to Letterkenny, if it really is a bust, but I have heard that part of Rita's family came from there. When you get back, you should show me pics if you have any. We miss you. It will be strange to think of you so far away on your 32nd birthday. Wonder where you'll be then...can't wait to see.

t'mar&the wayward cat said...

What a thing to go someplace new nearly everyday and have to start over on getting to know the town. Discombobulation all the time. It's awesome how you just forge ahead come hell or high water! Go Priya, Go!!! Thanks for the pronunciations. Ainchoo looky yar naht en Wales!! Have you stopped twittering when the lads say hu-loo?