Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Ennis is a cute town, but it also feels like real people live and work there; it's not just a tourist vehicle. Observations: narrow sidewalks, unclear crosswalks and traffic flow, blind corners; covered alleys and pedestrian-only streets. Street signs are hard to find and not always present (this was true in London, too). Crossing the street feels like taking my life into my hands!

The woman at the PO seemed to have trouble understanding me, which I found amusing and comforting. The Abbey Hostel seemed to be a microcosm of the town--labrynthine. It was also rustic, but charming. I walked a lot my first day and got drenched in the rain. By 19:20 I had a compendium of complaints, so I took the advice of two different locals and hitched a ride. 4-5 cars passed me before one stopped. A woman was driving, her daughter was in the back seat. The car smelled of fresh baked bread (they were transporting a loaf). I was so grateful to get a ride, I mean, lift. That evening I ate in Cruise's pub (Irish stew with clear, herby broth and an Irish whiskey) and talked for a couple hours with a local retired man. A session (traditional music where anyone can join in) started at "half-9" (9:30).

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Angela said...

The people at the post office in Oly seem to have trouble understanding me, too, but unfortunately it's not nearly as amusing here. Glad to see the pictures (which almost fit on my tiny screen) but your words are even more vivid. D hopes you remembered a raincoat.