Friday, September 15, 2006


I will return to write notes on my travels later. Right now I am trying to upload (takes awhile) before I catch a bus to Cashel at 18:00.

Dublin is much more cosmopolitan than I remember it being 10 years ago. Really feels like a big city. I saw the Book of Kells! Woah. And Killmainham Gaol (jail), where many political prisoners were held. The Newgrange Tomb at Bru na Boinne (pics above) was amazing.


dirigible said...

Wow - you'll be able to write your own travel guide (with really cool pictures!) after this - Rick Steves watch out! I'm so glad you said to click on the pics - so much detail would be lost otherwise.

Leonard the Wonder Potato said...

Yeah, nice pictures! Newgrange was cool, and when the time comes, I'm definitely going to have myself buried in a tumulus. Let some vandal try to knock THAT over. I didn't see the structure with the "bird house" hole in it, though. That wasn't your accommodation, was it?
Did you fall down at all at Giant's Causeway? I didn't, but if you're interested in getting bruises in northern Ireland, I think that would be the place to do it. I hope you went to the brewery AFTERwards.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't remember your complete blog name and tried searching under tenderfoot. Wow, there were way more sites than I expected. At last I found you!!! Your pics are really lovely and I'm so excited that you are getting to see all those beautiful buildings. It's good to know you've tasted Irish chocolate and drunk Irish whisky, all so you would be better able to describe it :)
Bird is being plenty cuddled and has made herself quite at home in my room by sneezing on just about every available surface!
So glad you've gone to lots of cities, so that when I get to go I'll have a great heads up! Btw, do they have any extra kidneys they aren't using? love, Alicia

zero said...

Angela mentioned your blue pics. Seems like earlier ones were not so blue. Check and see if there is a white balance setting in the menu somewhere.

Angela thought the pics were small, but she may have not been clicking for the larger ones. I'll let her know, as they are really great.

Hope you are meeting new friends daily. Stay brilliant!

Randall K.

Sven Golly said...

One gets the feeling these things were built to last. You have a good eye. Thanks for sharing images of amazing places.