Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Ennis

view from my hostel window

St. Francis altar, Friary ruins

Old Drumcliff Cemetery

The next day, before my tour of the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren, I walked around some more. Wandered into a chocolate shop. Had a long, delightful conversation with Marcia (Marci-a, not Marsha). She was passionate about chocolate and described cocoa beans from different plantations as having their own flavors, like grapes from different vineyards. She had lived in America, San Diego, for 9 years.

Less disoriented on Tuesday, my 2nd day. Around lunchtime, teenagers in school uniforms roam the street in packs.


t'mar&the wayward cat said...

I feel like you are in a place that has kangaroos or something ! How cool is that to see ancient ass ruins from a time before Seattle evn exsisted (sort of)! And solid political graffitti. Where do I go see that?:)

t'mar&the wayward cat said...

your cat has been overseeing the plastic placement in the gutted living room. Alicia and I will soon start taking bets on how long you will stay there. Bird says she feels fairly certain that her allergies would diminish greatly in such a lovely green land!! Please bring home an Irish mouse. Can you please load more damn pictures?! We are diggin' living vicariously through the computer screen to Eire! Bird misses you terribly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So do we!