Saturday, September 09, 2006

Letterkenny, County Donegal

Saturday, day 6

When Joan and Frank at the Galway B&B heard I was coming here, they remarked that it was very pretty but, "you won't understand a word they're saying up there!"

Arrived this afternoon, but many things are closed--including the tourist information office (the TI was very helpful in Ennis and Galway) and the post office. There seems to be nowhere to rent a bike or a car. No buses go to Glenveagh National Park, where I really wanted to go. I did have a good experience at the bus station, though, where a woman overheard me asking at the counter for help and spontaneously joined in. Then we went to the bus and I talked to the bus driver. Another young woman who was getting on the bus joined in the discussion about how I could get to the park and whether it was too late to try and do it today. Though disappointed, I decided the driver was right, it would be pushing it, so I thanked them and left.

Didn't get my laundry done, but did find this jewel of an internet "cafe" (it's a video store), where 1 hour is 1 euro--much cheaper than Galway! The lady at the hostel didn't think there would be trad (traditional music) tonight, since it apparently goes on during the week. Apparently, Sat is the night for clubbing. But I am too tired and not really interested. I will try a pub for dinner, and maybe music or conversation. Tomorrow, I will see about getting to Glenveagh again, then I will head to Derry, in Northern Ireland.


t'mar&the wayward cat said...

My god you'v done a ton in a week!! Thanks for all the cool photos! How refreshing to find so many nice folks around to help on the way! bvc vbvvg Bird says Hi! Squishes!T'mar

t'mar&the wayward cat said...

P.S. Can we get some pronunciation help?!!!!!